Alex Leav (b. 1997, New York) is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. She received a BA in History from the University of Michigan (2019) and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts (2022).

Selected press

“Putting Form to Feeling with Alex Leav,” As You Are

“Alex Leav: A Slippage in Meaning,” Curatorial Affairs

“Questioning the Authentic Self: Interview with Artist Alex Leav,” Next Up Collectors

Out of Place la collettiva alla Monti

A Visual Exploration of Social Media and Afterthoughts on Her NFT Exhibition: An Interview with Alex Leav

Love Notes and Open Tabs: A Conversation with Alex Leav

Cool Friends NYC - Alex Leav

Solo exhibitions

Luck be a Lady
London, UK
02.18.23 - 03.18.23

Having a Moment, ArtsClub
New York, NY
11.17.22 - 12.17.22

Open Tabs, Ki Smith Gallery
New York, NY
02.28.22 - 03.15.22

Selected group exhibitions

Heart of a Tiger, Laura Fuchs Art Advisory
New York, NY
09.07.23 - 09.17.23

Veins, Hasbrook Galleries
06.01.23 - 07.01.23

Out of Place, Monti8
Latina, IT
10.29.22 - 11.25.22

Teachers Lounge, ArtsClub
New York, NY
09.09.22 - 10.04.22

Wet Dream Tomato, Pop Gun Art at My Pet Ram
New York, NY
08.11.22 - 08.30.22

Action, New Collectors
New York, NY
08.11.22 - 08.18.22

Thesis Exhibition 2022: Curated by Nat Trotman, SVA Galleries
New York, NY
06.23.22 - 07.11.22

06.22 - 08.22

New York, NY
05.28.22 - 05.30.22

THE ART IS NOT HERE, New Collectors
New York, NY
05.13.22 - 06.12.22

Grasping Shards: Curated by Tyson Skross, SVA Galleries
New York, NY
05.07.22 - 05.27.22

Alex Leav x Salon 21, Salon 21
New York, NY

Collision, New Collectors
New York, NY
11.06.21 - 11.28.21

Memory Keeper, Ki Smith Gallery
New York, NY
08.12.21 - 08.29.21

New York, NY
12.18.20 - 12.20.20