Alex Leav (b. 1997, New York) is a visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. She received a BA from the University of Michigan (2019) and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts (2022).

Selected press

“Putting Form to Feeling with Alex Leav,” As You Are

“Alex Leav: A Slippage in Meaning,” Curatorial Affairs

“Questioning the Authentic Self: Interview with Artist Alex Leav,” Next Up Collectors

Out of Place la collettiva alla Monti

A Visual Exploration of Social Media and Afterthoughts on Her NFT Exhibition: An Interview with Alex Leav

Love Notes and Open Tabs: A Conversation with Alex Leav

Cool Friends NYC - Alex Leav

Solo exhibitions

Get the look, Salon 21
New York, NY
01.17.24 - 01.13.24

Luck be a Lady
London, UK
02.18.23 - 03.18.23

Having a Moment, ArtsClub
New York, NY
11.17.22 - 12.17.22

Open Tabs, Ki Smith Gallery
New York, NY
02.28.22 - 03.15.22

Group exhibitions

Heart of a Tiger, Laura Fuchs Art Advisory
New York, NY
09.07.23 - 09.17.23

Veins, Hasbrook Galleries
06.01.23 - 07.01.23

Out of Place, Monti8
Latina, IT
10.29.22 - 11.25.22

Teachers Lounge, ArtsClub
New York, NY
09.09.22 - 10.04.22

Wet Dream Tomato, Pop Gun Art at My Pet Ram
New York, NY
08.11.22 - 08.30.22

Action, New Collectors
New York, NY
08.11.22 - 08.18.22

Thesis Exhibition 2022: Curated by Nat Trotman, SVA Galleries
New York, NY
06.23.22 - 07.11.22

06.22 - 08.22

New York, NY
05.28.22 - 05.30.22

THE ART IS NOT HERE, New Collectors
New York, NY
05.13.22 - 06.12.22

Grasping Shards: Curated by Tyson Skross, SVA Galleries
New York, NY
05.07.22 - 05.27.22

Alex Leav x Salon 21, Salon 21
New York, NY

Collision, New Collectors
New York, NY
11.06.21 - 11.28.21

Memory Keeper, Ki Smith Gallery
New York, NY
08.12.21 - 08.29.21

New York, NY
12.18.20 - 12.20.20